Challenging words for a Christian

I heard some challenging words last Friday afternoon on a Christian radio station.  I know that I could never adequately put into words what was being expressed so eloquently by the guest host of this radio broadcast. So, I copied an excerpt here. What a good challenge for the body of Christ to stand up and be the salt and light Christ calls us to be (edited slightly for textual clarification).

How Christ defined marriage, how his followers interpret what He said, and a millenia of Christian marital teaching and orthodoxy either defines marriage for Christians, or it does not. The truth of Scripture isn’t subject to modern trends and fads, or unsubstantiated by scribblings of an autocrat or the [high-handed] judgments of the Supreme Court. . . . This is where we are right now: that we can’t even understand that God himself has made it clear, and that Jesus himself has made it clear, and that everything from Moses to the apostle Paul [has also made it clear]. And people say that Jesus did not cover this issue. YES, He did. Go to the last two chapters of Revelation and read what Jesus himself says there with regard to sexual morality. He covers this issue, and He makes it clear that it’s unacceptable, and it’s in the category of pornea, sin. Jesus does cover this. Jesus is interested in the issue of sexual morality and sexual health. The reason He is . . . it’s for the good of the human being. It’s for the good of the body of Christ. It’s for the good of the female. When these boundaries are broken down, it’s the child and the woman that ultimately suffer the most and suffer first, and we’re seeing it again in our culture today. . . . Pay attention to this, people! . . . There is a reason that we’re this confused. . . . Over time, . . . [institutions of higher learning] have decided that they are wiser than God, that they can be as God, that they can commit the original sin and define right and wrong in their own image rather than recognizing that God has defined right and wrong. It’s not our right to eat of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil, and, therefore, become as God. When we do so, our arrogance, our hubris rises up, and we decide that God is not necessary any longer. We’ll make it up as we go; we’ll decide what’s right and wrong; we’ll decide what’s good and evil. We will define everything ’cause we can decide, because we are now as God. We can even define the male. We can define the female. We can decide what’s just and unjust. We are as God. . . . WE are the protectors of hope and change. That’s where we are as a culture right now, and that’s what we’re dealing with. And the Christian community has been drinking this Kool-Aid, if you will. We are not prepared to defend the faith that lies within. Shame on us. Shame on the body of Christ for not having an answer for this confusion. And it’s not to be legalistic and self-righteous. Not at all. In fact, if that’s your intent, then be quiet. The reason for us to speak is what Bonhoeffer told us. We know that not to speak is to speak and not to act is to act and that silence in the face of evil is evil itself, and the body of Christ has to be salt and light. And if we aren’t salt, then culture rots. And if we aren’t light, then everyone is bound in darkness, and freedom is lost.

—Dr. Everett Piper, September 30, 2016 on Washington Watch


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