More thoughts about the Church

We have become aware of many statistics that show a decline in Church attendance in the United States. This seems to have been a trend that started shortly after the year 2000. Is it a coincidence that so many “reputable” pastors and teachers were promoting the gloom and doom prophecies of Y2K just before this decline started? How many people just decided, I’m not going to associate with that kind of superstitious nonsense anymore? It is not only one thing that has made people disenfranchised and cynical these days; we can see the rotten fruits of posturing and politics as well.

Here is the main problem. Sin. It’s that simple. Sin that has affected Church leadership and sin that has affected the general Christian public. Instead of digging into the Word of God to see what our position and worldview should be, we just go out and Google our way to a popular opinion. This must be true since this guy has a college degree. Well, so do I. But I advise you to compare my commentaries on this blog with Scripture. I have been known to misspeak or write something without thinking it all the way through. The Bible is to be trusted. People’s opinions are not always reliable.

I would beg you to consider from God’s Word how important the Church is. The Bible teaches us that marriage as a union, a bond, or a covenant should not be broken. It is “until death do us part.” I see many overlaps with the Church: bride of Christ, Marriage Supper of the Lamb, Christ (Head of the Church) performed His first miracle at a wedding. Husbands are commanded to love their wives as Christ loved the Church and gave Himself for her. (See Eph. 5:25.)

I would again humbly ask you to consider the importance of church membership and faithful service with the local assembly. Pray for the people of your local church. Ask God to lay on their hearts the importance of worshipping in spirit and in truth. Jesus was full of grace and truth. The Church should follow: emphases on grace AND truth, not one or the other.

If you would like to attend a Bible-believing church in Springfield, Missouri, please stop by Southland Christian Church at 1630 W. Republic Road ( You will find an independent local congregation with no allegiance to a denominational headquarters but simply an allegiance to and dependence on God. May God bless you this week.


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