10 things to pray for at the end of 2014

As 2014 draws to a close, I thought it would be good to list 10 prayer suggestions, inasmuch as the will of God must be the main focus.

1. Pray that we as a human race would elevate the Bible as the authoritative Word of God, and that we would elevate it to the level where we consider it to be the main source of direction for all issues of living here on this earth. Whether that involves relationships, beliefs, values, reverence to God, or whatever the issue of living is on this planet, the Bible is our primary guide. Let’s look to the Bible first before we begin to study ideology from human texts that aren’t inspired by God.
2. Pray that we would seek first the kingdom of God. What is that? The kingdom of God is within us. God sent His Spirit to infill and indwell us after Christ returned to heaven. We should not let this power lie dormant within us. Work together with other believers; do not forsake assembling together. (Do not forsake God’s church, the fellowship of believers in Jesus Christ.)
3. Pray that others around us would become receptive to the idea that they “must be born again.” What is that? Jesus said we must be born of water and of the Spirit. Since the gospel writer John uses this generic term water in his other writings to refer to water baptism, we should begin to realize that there is birth in the water (baptism), and in the Spirit of God. I see nothing in Scripture to refute the idea that these happen simultaneously. In other words, we must be born of the Spirit (which happens as we are baptized). For we know that the Spirit, the water, and the blood all agree and testify to the same thing. Pray that this saving faith will become a lifelong faith—that it will remain strong throughout the life of the new believers.
4. Pray that Christians will soon become unified in doctrine. We should not have 50 different guidebooks to accomplish the same purpose: salvation.
5. Pray that apostates who would spread false and aberrant teachings (contrary to Bible teachings) would be silent and ineffective.
6. Pray that there would be a Spiritual awakening in all nations and revival among all Christians. Not that we would ever seek after a spiritualist, teaching unbiblical and cultic practices, but that we would seek with a sense of urgency the teachings of Jesus Christ. We need His direction more than ever before.
7. Pray that our political leaders would recognize the sanctity of life. That, just as these leaders were knit together by God in their mothers’ wombs, the unborn citizens should also have the same rights to life and liberty; the right to protection should be applicable to the embryonic stages of life.
8. Pray that our leaders will not use trump-card theology as they consider proper conduct in our country. Matthew 7:12, the “Golden Rule,” should not trump or negate Romans 1:18–32.
9. Pray that those who seek a pagan, adulterous, or carnal reward in “paradise” (in the afterlife) will be enlightened that God is a spirit; God is love; God does not wish to have unholy fleshly desires satisfied in heaven. God is not just holy—but holy, holy, holy.
10. Pray that the Spirit of our God will renew us. We fervently pray for strength as we daily renew our minds. A spirit of repentance from the old sinful self is something to be cultivated every day, moment by moment. Thank you God for all your blessings in Christ Jesus our Lord. For if we continue in sin, how can we expect our prayers to be effective?


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