Move on toward maturity (Hebrews 6:1–3)

I’m sure you’ve considered Hebrews 6:1–3 before. Christians should not get stuck on elementary issues; however, I have often wondered why we can’t speak the same thing about some of these fundamental issues. Has Satan distorted these ideas and constructed another Tower of Babel on even the most basic teachings of the Bible? The author of Hebrews urges us to move on to maturity, but he isn’t saying that what we teach about basic doctrine isn’t important. In fact, the expectation here is that Christians should grow deeper in their understanding of these fundamental concepts.

Why isn’t there a unified plan of salvation based on God’s Word in all Bible-believing Christian churches today? Shouldn’t this be expected? No one should have to study 50 handbooks for one common purpose.

Let’s focus on one of the elementary issues listed in Hebrews 6:2, “instructions about washings (or baptisms).” If we should move on toward maturity, then I would simply direct people to some Bible verses about this topic. After they read and study and comprehend, they should also be ready to move on to other issues. I wish we all could speak the same language. The Bible certainly gives us that opportunity. Here are some of the topical verses about washings or baptisms that I would recommend: (Exodus 19:3–12, NIV [esp. verse 10]) (Psalm 51:2, ESV) 1:16, ESV) 3:3, ESV) 28:19, ESV) 16:16, ESV) 2:38, ESV) 8:26–39) 22:16, ESV)–5&version=ESV(Romans 6:3–5) 3:26–27, ESV) 10:22, ESV) Peter 3:21, ESV)–8&version=ESV(1 John 5:6–8, ESV)


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